Sample Recipe from 21 Sandwiches  

Portabella on Kaiser

Portabella and Kaiser roll make this a very hearty sandwich. It can be eaten as is or you can warm it up in an oil sprayed pan till the cheese gets a bit melted. A tomato-herb soup or an Indian style tomato soup go very will with it on a chilly evening.


Ingredients -

·         Cream Cheese with Chives and Onion – 2 table spoon

·         Portabella cooked with ginger, salt and pepper – 2

·         Grated ginger – ½ tea spoon

·         Swiss cheese – 2 slices

·         Fresh Salsa – 2 table spoon

·         Fresh Coriander – chopped – 2 table spoon

·         Kaiser Roll - 2


·          Spray cooking oil in a sauté’ pan.

·         Add the ginger and cook for a few seconds on a medium heat.

·         Add the thoroughly washed portabella, sprinkle salt and pepper on it and cover.

·         Cook for about 2 minutes on each side or till the portabella are done to your liking.

·         Spread 1 table spoon cream cheese on the Kaiser role.

·         Put the portabella on it, sprinkle some fresh coriander

·         Top it with salsa and Swiss cheese.

·         Cover

·         Serve with fresh lettuce. Remember, portabella should be warm when you serve the sandwich.

Yield – 2 sandwiches

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