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This E-Book has been created for Adobe Reader. To read this e-book you will need Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader is the software you use to view Adobe e-books.

Obtaining or Updating Your Copy of Adobe Reader

You can obtain the free Adobe Reader 6.0 from the Adobe Reader Web site, where you will also find:

  • System requirements
  • Download instructions
  • Installation instructions
  • Activation instructions

With the 2003 release of Adobe Reader 6.0, Adobe has combined Acrobat Reader with Acrobat eBook Reader. If you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader or Acrobat eBook Reader on your computer or handheld, you should upgrade to Adobe Reader 6.0.

Please note that most publishers don't allow their e-books to be printed.

About E-books

Adobe e-books are PDF files that have been encrypted in order to protect the copyright of the author or publisher. As with any Adobe PDF file, e-books can be moved, copied to a folder or a CD, posted on the Web, or sent as an e-mail attachment. You can use the My Bookshelf feature in Adobe Reader to access and manage your e-books.

To read an e-book, you must activate Adobe Reader as an e-book reader.

If you are not using the full version of Adobe Reader, you need to install the e-books plug-in before you can use this feature. If you are using Adobe Reader to open an e-book for the first time, you will be prompted to install the e-books plug-in.

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